Case Studies and Testimonials

CASE STUDY: Revenue grow to $250,000 per month

How we worked on their website, SEO and PPC to increase their revenue.

CASE STUDY: generated $14,598.70 in revenue this month for an ROI of 1,284.18%

Our SEO work made organic search the most profitable and highest traffic-generating channel for the company.

CASE STUDY: overall, grew 552.42% for a total of 53,994 overall new users this year

Some of the work we completed for this company included writing optimized copy, implementing schema codes, and creating an HTML sitemap.

CASE STUDY: Got more than 1000% of ROI in the first 6 months

Built a state-of-the-art website and helped them convert almost every lead.

CASE STUDY: Increased website leads by 102% in 12 months

How we profitably marketed and scaled a low ticket offer to 6 figures in profit!

CASE STUDY: 2,975% increase in new followers

They have seen a 2,975% increase in new followers, 87% more unique visitors, 98% increase in post impressions

CASE STUDY: $109k in monthly organic revenue

After 3 months with us, year over year organic traffic is up 85% and organic revenue is up 100% for $109k in monthly organic revenue.

CASE STUDY: we have increased organic traffic by 492%.

Overall sessions increased by 287% from 98k to 380k sessions and overall revenue increased by 100% resulting in $554k in overall revenue.

CASE STUDY: 376% increase in organic revenue in 9 months

Compared to this time last month, organic revenue increased 376% and overall revenue has increased by 320%

CASE STUDY: 143% more organic traffic and a 100% increase in organic revenue.

Overall revenue has also increased by 100% since last year, to $165k in overall revenue this year.

CASE STUDY: 82% increase in organic transactions

Leading online watch nearly double their organic search revenue from $160k a month to $315k a month in just a year’s time

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